Welcome to the Wetheringsett Village Hall page, we will be publishing news about the Village Hall here.

If you would like to see pictures of the hall's refurbishment, please click here.

Wetheringsett Village Hall is a fully equiped village hall with a kitchen, separate meeting room, stage, stage lighting and a sound system, with the latter subject to separate agreement.

The Hall has a new booking system and you may create a booking below or you may contact the booking team by email at bookings@wetheringsettvillagehall.org.uk.  The calendar below will show the Hall's availaibility for your booking.  To use, select the Service (length of booking) you require and the availability for that spot will be shown in the calendar when you select the required date.  You can then select the time and complete the details to privisionally place the booking. 

Please note, if you need to book two (or more) hours please make separate bookings for each one, even if they are consecutive, or contact the bookings team.  Apologies for this, but it's a limitation of the booking system.